Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just say NO!

We had a family birthday dinner on Sunday night. It was lovely and I made sure I did not overeat too much and I had only 1 glass of wine which is unheard for me! ha

Even though my waistline may not be reflective of this but I am not really a dessert person, never have been really which is why I have managed to stay relatively slim for a good 29 years. I am just not into cakes, slice or pies, I will have dessert if it involves a chocolate something but otherwise I usually just say no. This usually invokes ALOT of comments from my family ' oh go on' or 'I just cut you a very small piece' or recently my new sister on law who loves to bake gets offended when I turn down her latest creation and pouts until I give in or at times I do not, but I did on Sunday night and I have regretted it ever since.

How do you say no to well meaning friends and family is my question for this week? I picked up the latest issue of weight watchers on the weekend and it had an article all about how relationships change once you start to change your eating habits or lose weight. I thought to myself 'what crap' but then a day later I can see what the article was saying. How ever well meaning friends or family are they are just trying to make themselves feel better when really they should be skipping the dessert also not to mention the scoop of ice cream and dollop of double cream to go along with it.

I think the tip is just to stay strong and say no thanks or even leave the table to visit the bathroom or kitchen until all of the servings are given out. I know the intention of weight watchers is that you can have treats at times as long as you stay within your daily allowance but you cannot follow up treats when you have had a creamy soup and roast beef dinner with a glass of wine!! Even I know that.
I love my family but not their eating habits...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goal for weight loss

Besides wanting to get healthy to have another child, if it is not to be in the coming summer months ahead I would love to at least look half way decent on the beach, rather than just hiding in a black swimmers and black shorts and sitting on a towel at the beach whilst my hubbie plays in the water with our little munchkin.
I was at David Jones the other day and saw all the lovely new swimwear and the new range fomr Megan Gale called Isola caught my eye. really gorgeous colours and patterns. plus the one pieces were really flattering with ruched front or a cute ruffle at the bust.

my fav is the multi coloured floral one with the ruffle front. swimwear here I come :-)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

You know what makes you fat?

a high carb, high sugar, low fibre diet and where you drink barely any water and gussle soft drinks for 'energy'. my quest for this coming week is why I eat and especially why I drink things that I KNOW are bad for me? Why does anyone buy or consume crap when we know it makes us feel shit, makes us fat, makes us cry in frustration at our weakness??? why why WHY?

Friday, August 27, 2010

The great outdoors and my perfect reason

I love the outdoors and we are lucky enough to live in such a beautiful country some say the most beautiful on earth. I know it is such a cliche to say that when you are overweight you feel like life is passing you by or you are just simply existing and not living, but I feel alot of the times it is very true. I am 36 years old and whilst I am like most women and have never really been that happy with my figure, I did appreciate that I was always quite slim and lucky for it. When I turned 30 it all changed and I got quite chubby so started at a gym and managed to keep it under control until I fell pregnant. The body nor self esteem never really returned after that. so I have spent 6 long years loathing the way I look!!!!!

I remember saying to a friend ages ago that I was unhappy and she simply said 'why dont you just do something about it?' I replied back to her 'that it is just easier not to as getting is shape is bloody hard work' so she just said 'well it depends on how badly you want it or what your motivation is'

My motivation is the above sweet treasure who is about to turn 4. I was looking through some old photos the other day and I felt like crying as I hardly have any of me holding or cuddling her as they are all with her dad. I felt sick that when she grows up she will not have nay to look at because her mum was too worried at how fat she would look in them.

I want to be a good role model for her and live by example. I dont want her earliest memories of me to be of some fatty who always wears black clothes and looks sad. she caught me crying the other day and she said ' I will kiss away your tears mummy' which made me cry more as that is what I should be saying to her not the other way around!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yet another set back.. but I will conquer it!!!

I joined Weight Watchers Unlimited yesterday ( a touch exxy though) and my first meeting will be Wednesday next week. my goal is to lose 10% of my body weight by the end of October. So by sheer coincidence next wednesday is the 1st of september - yay! so my challenge will be for 9 weeks exactly.

weekly goals
replace tea break biscuits with a piece of fruit - currently at least 3-4 a day
drink at least 6 glasses of water a day - currently it is embarrassingly only about 2 or 3!!
bread only once a day- currently some days it is up to 4, 2 toast for b'fast and 2 for lunch sandwich.
NO ENERGY DRINKS - currently am having 1 V drink most weekdays- Very very bad.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am back for Weigh in Wednesday

Sadly yet another shit episode in my life. I have had yet another miscarriage. A very early one at barely 5 weeks according to the doc but still one none the less......boooo hooooo. A very dark 3 weeks have been had by this mum of one (maybe forever) but I am back and remain committed to my weight loss journey so in the hope it will bare me another child... on the upside I lost a whole 200grams but I am joining weight watchers online today and launching a 8 week challenge to myself, I will come up for a name for it by tomorrow when I rejoin the girls over at fat to fit on Diminishing Lucy. Weight is 87.2kgs