Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday

bad bad bad 87.4. not surprised though due to excessive alcohol consumption in the last week with 3 family birthdays! whoops. am cold sober this week and even went for a walk/jog today even though it was raining. yeay me.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

bad bad week

This past week has been a shocker. Due to that time of the month I sometimes get almost catatonic and last week was one of those times......did manage to do 3 days of walking/running though, sat down at the end of it though and cried into the Brisbane river! Feeling much better now and have even just discovered I received a blogger award which has made my day. will post about that one tomorrow once I think of some suitable replies!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday

I will weight myself each weds. Today is 86.5. my starting weight was actually 87 not 86! yikes.

Monday, July 19, 2010

omg omg OMG!

I have joined Weight Watchers online over the weekend and I discovered that Magnum Golds are 10 points each, yes that is right 10 POINTS. I almost had a heart attack and I will have one literally soon enough if I dont get this chubby chubby off me!!!

Lets face it we all know what we eat is just not good for us but we eat it anyway but I thought that by joining weight watchers it would force me to face up to exactly how bad things that I eat are for me and how it is very easy to gain weight when you do not restrict yourself of anything which is what I am currently doing. I just never imagined that by eating one ice cream would equal half the same amount of calories you are supposed to consume in a whole day. crikey!
I swear from this day forward I will not consume any more Magnum Golds or any magnums for that matter. It is winter for gods sake so I dont know why I am eating so many ice creams anyway as I usually use the pathetic excuse of that it is summer so you need something to cool you down...sad really.

Friday, July 16, 2010

ok I did it!

Today I donned the trainers and hit the pavement. I even ran some of it which I so feel today in my chubby legs but I am so glad I started!
Sadly my Nike gadget did not work properly but it did say I worked out for 38 mins!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Beginning part 2

ok I realise I should be writing here daily and not weekly if I am ever going to use this blog to be an effective tool in my weight loss journey ( I am channelling the Biggest Loser by using the word 'journey'!) I need to be getting things off my chest here and not stuffing them in my mouth via packet of M&M's - damn you Coles as you have put original packets of these babies at 87c this week!! crazy prices people how could I refuse....
well the second part of my story is here

After conceiving my little peach naturally and pretty quickly in 2006 I thought it would be the same for the 2nd time around - how wrong I was! After deciding with hubbie to add to our family in 2008 I conceived pretty quickly but then lost it pretty quickly at 6weeks this happened again 6 months later in 2009. We decided to have a break for the latter part of 2009 and I was going to get really 'Fit and Healthy' again before we decided to start again I lost an amazing 1.5 kgs in 6 months then christmas rolled around and my brothers wedding so needless to say 'Fit and Healthy' was not on agenda and I thought bugger it lets get pregnant again and I got pregnant in march and got to almost 8 weeks and very excitedly went to get an ultrasound in late April to discover that there was no sac nor baby but blood tests showed I was still pregnant. I was booked in for a laproscopy to find out what was the problem and it was discovered I had an rupturing ectopic pregnancy in my right tube. I had to have my right tube removed and a D&C which meant my recovery was that bit longer and one I think I have only just fully recovered from.

so here I am trying really hard to figure out how to start this 'journey' and how much it sucks to be fat and unhealthy and feeling so helpless and down and sad all the time and not knowing how to get started when really it is pretty simple as you just have to put one foot in front of the other and move!
If anyone has any advice on how you got started I would so appreciate?????

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fat to fit - The Beginning

I came across a cute blog a while ago called Diminishing Lucy and have been one of those annoying lurkers, so I have decided to start my own weightloss blog as I feel it could be quite therapeutic for me to expel my feelings in words here instead of ingesting them via chocolate or ice creams!
(Magnum Golds are satan's invention people!!)

I have been reading a few of Lucy's Fat to Fit friends blogs in the last few weeks so many of their stories are similar to mine, I had no idea that so many others felt the same way I do alot of the time and sadly I share the same recent heartbreak and disappointments.

My story

I lived in the UK for almost a decade and returned to Australia in 2007 with a new baby, lovely hubbie and almost 20 kilos of blubber. fast forward 3 years and I am still carrying 17 kilos of blubber - well done to me I have lost 3 kilos in 3 years, I am such an inspiration! um not.

I have realised in recent years that I am an emotional eater and since the last few years have been somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster (will share more in the coming months) and I know that I have to try and teach myself to seek refuge in things other than food if I am ever going to win this battle for lifelong health.

Dont you just love it when you hear of people who get stressed or upset and go for a run or do yoga to de-stress,well me, I buy chocolate/wine/ice cream, usually in that order!!!ha

I am 36 years old. I was slim at school as I was an avid ballet dancer and tennis player, then in my 20's I always ran or visited the gym which continued in London. I pretty much ate what I wanted probably to excess, my older friends always warned me that it would catch up with me sooner or later. Oh how I laughed , but when I turned 30 it was like my inner furnace light just snuffed it and all of a sudden it just was not working for me anymore and I put about 7 kilos and then I fell pregnant at 31 and I thought oh well will worry about it later, well it is 5 years later and now I am worrying about it.

Starting weight 86KG! yikes