Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I feel so guilty being in the doldrums when so so so many people in this city are really suffering, I mean really suffering. Some good friends of ours whose house flooded the entire bottom floor had just finished renovating their house and it was on the market to sell as they have bought a larger house elsewhere. Their house was gorgeous and sold within days but the settlement was not due to happen until march, so its needless to say the buyers have now backed out and they will now have to forfeit settlement on their new home as well as there is no way they can afford 2 mortgages, then not to mention that although they think they have the right insurance it will take ages to fix and replace what has been damaged and their house will be almost unsellable for sometime to come due to being in the flooding zone. Some property insiders say it will take maybe up to 10 years for real estate to recover in the areas that affected - 10 years!!!

So today I am grateful for my lovely home and all that I have in it, plus I make a solemn vow today I will never dread housework again.....


  1. Sorry to hear about your friends! I hope things turn around for them soon :-)

  2. It's hard to fathom isn't it that it can take so long to recover. Unfortunately what they are relying on is people forgetting. And that takes time. We should know. Gympie residents and long term flooders. Sorry for their loss. It must be hard to put the future they had planned so far back on the burner.