Sunday, January 16, 2011

I must heart me

Yes, yes it has been too long I know but I went to a very bad place in november/december and just as I was starting to emerge from the black hole I was in , mother nature decided she wanted to flex her muscles and rained terror on the streets of Brisbane. I live in inner city Brisbane close to our normally nice river but thank god our house was spared of the havoc it played on so many others that surround us and also those who live on the west side. A few friends and their parents were not so lucky and a few lost everything except for a few treasured possessions.

Even sadder alot of people just outside of Brisbane lost their lives and have left devastated families behind. I pray for them. It has inspired me to start afresh and start to want to live a life that alot of people in these last few weeks fought tooth and nail to keep alive for themselves and their families.

Speaking of families I lost yet another potential little one in late November which in yet another crap kick in the (ample) guts it was the same week I would have been due to give birth had I not had an ectopic pregnancy in april. life sucks when shit like that happens and then you realise it is even more shit when you are still fat and out of shape and have spent so many $$ on frigging weight watchers and gym memberships.....damn damn damn. I know I have to do this otherwise I will die from it - pure and simple

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  1. Damn that. Stupid f'ing kick in the guts. I'm sorry to hear this hun. So sorry.